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The world of medicine is rapidly changing. People are more questioning of their health-care practitioners and as information becomes more widely accessible, this can be of great benefit in the search for relief from illness and to attain improved levels of health. There is a need for clearly presented information that is easily accessible and can be used by anyone.

Holistic, as applied to the practice of medicine, means ‘becoming whole’, ‘integrating ourselves into a healthy whole’. It necessarily implies encouraging and empowering people to heal themselves. As we progress along the path of healing, of wholeness, we become aware of the underlying issues that lead to symptoms and disease.

Classically, holistic methods embrace Chinese medicine, homoeopathy, herbalism, osteopathy, chiropractic, massage and many other forms of ‘energy medicine’. However, any method of healing that considers the whole person and provides them with a path towards health, can truly be described as holistic.

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I have a background in conventional medicine, having worked in hospital and general practice. For the past 40 years I have solely focussed on Chinese medicine – originally as an acupuncturist and for 30 years also with Chinese herbal medicine.

I offer video consultations to those who need help with specific symptoms or disease as well as those who are seeking to maintain and maximise their health.

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