“The course is giving me a good understanding of symptoms viewed in a conventional way.”

“I can’t begin to tell you how much I am enjoying this course!”

“Thank you for your very helpful feedback throughout this course, as well as the ability to ask any questions I might have. I really did thoroughly enjoy the course; thought the textbook was extremely well written, easy to understand. I was afraid of the course, thinking it would be very technical etc., and that there would be a frightening amount of memorizing involved, but it was just great!”

“First, I love understanding the science of pathology and disease, at the no-I’m-not-a-biochemist level. I actually had a patient who had thyroid symptomatology and it was great to be able to feed off the knowledge that I gained through doing the essay – and quick enough after the essay that I actually remembered some of it too. Now that is really amazing!!”

“In case you wonder whether your book ever gets students to see what they are supposed to see and do what they’re supposed to do, the answer is YES: A patient with asthma symptoms came to see me. He had a wracking cough, mild fever, dyspnea, and recent severe chills. He carried a lidded container into which he frequently hawked thick green mucus. I took the case. I said, ‘I don’t diagnose, but you may have pneumonia.’ He saw his MD and was immediately hospitalized with bilateral pneumonia. He and his wife have been loyal pts since.”

“It was a real pleasure to work through your very excellent text book and to really feel your concern for alternative treatments.”

“Many thanks for your tutorship. I wasn’t looking forward to doing a pathology course, but I found yours not only enjoyable but of great benefit to my chosen field of homoeopathy. It was so nice to have the alternative therapist’s view point confirmed by another field.”

“I am finding the course very interesting and especially the contents of the textbook. I often don’t think that I took much of the information into my head, but then something seemed to managed to stay in there.”

“What I initially felt would be an overload of information actually has turned out to providing a deeper understanding and alternative view of pathology.”

“Firstly let me commend your book, used as the pathology course text, I was immediately impressed with your subtle perspective, and warmed to your open and straight forward presentation, consequently I enjoyed very much the first unit of the pathology course.”

“I have found the information to be helpful already, in some of the paper cases I’ve done in my school assignments. It does indeed seem to be a missing piece that is coming together well. Thanks.”

“This course has been really valuable to my professional development – thanks. I definitely learned more details about the pathology and disease process from the conventional medical field and felt reassured with what knowledge was necessary to also practice responsibly from the alternative perspective.”

“It was a very enjoyable and informative course, short, concise, with plenty of useful information organised in a way that made the studies of a complex subject relatively easy to understand and grasp. One could go on learning more about pathology and disease, however, what you have outlined in the course was sufficient to give a clear outline of this vast subject with a firm grasp on the core issues involved in the development of disease and pathology.”

“Let me take this opportunity to thank you for your commitment to holistic practitioners sans medical degrees. With your help well informed practitioners are going to enter the community, ready to help and quite aware when the patient before us is in a critical situation and needs other support. I am growing more confident as I get deeper into this course in regard to knowing when I am in over my head.”

“Thank you for a wonderful course – your book will have a permanent place alongside my repertory. I feel much more confident to practice homeopathy.”

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