Patient testimonials

Patient testimonials are a good way of hearing about the effectiveness of treatment. Personal stories are always powerful as they draw upon our own experience. Sharing this experience is inspiring in our own search for health as well as encouraging us to seek out similar sources of support. Below is a typical cross section of the comments I receive from people who have attended my clinic.

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I found Stephen Gascoigne and Chinese Medicine, to be essential with my coping with breast cancer over the last few years.

His advice on lifestyle, diet, meditation and dealing with the emotional pain in general was so helpful and the herbs and acupuncture gave me more energy and that made me more positive about the whole process.

Take the advice, use what you can, none of us are saints, don’t be put off by the amount of do’s and don’t that pop up everywhere. Do your best with the advice that appeals the most, and Stephen has plenty of common sense approaches to illness.

SC Cork.


Treatment by Dr Gascoigne has benefited me greatly; not just physically, but also emotionally and psychologically as well. Regular acupuncture sessions and herbs are an inherent part of my ongoing health maintenance routine. These sessions have enabled me to sleep better, feel more energised and have generally improved my wellbeing.

KS Bath


Dr Gascoigne has been treating me as an acupuncturist for approximately a year, I have found him to be sympathetic and extremely helpful in treating my particular complaint. The fact that he is also medically trained is invaluable when it comes to the particular reason for my visits as my course of acupuncture is running alongside hospital treatment; Dr Gascoigne is able to advise me in a way that other Chinese medicine practitioners may not and he goes above and beyond the call of duty out of his usual hours in researching things that could prove even more beneficial to me.

EC Glos.


I have been a patient of Dr. Stephen Gascoigne for this past five years, initially visiting him in Bath and subsequently in Bandon, Co. Cork. I have prostate cancer which has spread (metastasised) to my hip and spine. The Consultants that I was attending had given me no hope, in fact their advice was to get my affairs in order. As I said that was five years ago and since then my treatment with Dr. Gascoigne has been prompt in appointed time, precise in diagnosis and effective in treatment. I attend for treatment approximately every four weeks. Each session is approached individually with notes being taken and previous notes consulted. My treatment can vary from energy building, appetite enhancing and, of course, cancer repressing. After my treatment I feel relaxed.

The Clinic is comfortable and never overcrowded. I have yet to experience a delayed appointment time. All in all I believe that my visits to Dr. Gascoigne has retrieved my life expectancy to normal and people compliment me on my healthy looks.

SC Limerick


I started to get acupuncture awhile back and I must say I was sceptical at first. How could a few little needles put in certain positions of the body really help some one with certain problems? And I have to say I pleasantly surprised. After only getting a few treatments the difference was unbelievable.Stephen set up a treatment plan specifically to treat my problem and now further down the road the improvement in me is absolutely fabulous. I’m like a new person. Stephen knew exactly how to treat my problem. He really listens and takes in what you say and includes you in making your treatment plan.

Stephen explains everything so you know exactly what is going on and he also helps by giving you tips on how you can help your treatment plan along at home in between treatments. You can’t even feel the needles being put in you in your treatment session. Stephen is very professional and very experienced in his job. I would recommend him in the highest regard to anyone.

MUJ Cork


As a true devotee of Traditional Chinese Medicine since the mid-70’s, I have much experience of its effectiveness. It has worked very well for me for all sorts of ailments.Since 1999, I have attended Dr Stephen Gascoigne and have found him to be a true professional; sincere, kind, and he has looked after me both on body and mind. So well, that I feel very lucky. I have recommended him to my friends and they have returned to report success. Long may he practice in our community.
DOE West Cork

I first attended Dr Gascoigne’s clinic with a major migraine problem. Three months after my 4th child was born, I developed a very bad migraine. I suffered for 13 years – with tablets to prevent migraine and some to take when I got a migraine (at least once a week) and tablets to help recover from an attack. After treatments from Dr Gascoigne, I was totally clear from migraine – no medication at all. I hardly ever suffer even a headache these days.I still attend Dr Gascoigne’s clinic for other problems I suffer from. I get treatment for irritable bowel syndrome symptoms and find it helps greatly.I feel I respond very well from acupuncture and am grateful to Dr Gascoigne for trying to give me the best benefits from the treatment.Also, he is a very good listener and is easy to discuss my problems and fears with.

MOE West Cork


My daughter, age 15, has been attending Stephen. She suffers with Chronic Fatigue and a low immune system. We have found these sessions extremely helpful, Stephen has helped her to attend school and fight any infections she has to fight.
HM West Cork


I met Stephen 20 + years ago. At that time I had an over active thyroid condition. I was offered radio-active iodine so I decided to follow the complementary route. My thyroid was balanced with herbs and acupuncture. I’m so grateful for the help and kindness and patience I received from Stephen. I have never had any more problems with my thyroid. I’m now back to see him with a lower back problem and I am confident balance and harmony will take place again.
SOM Cork


Stephen’s practice is a calm harbour of quiet listening and gentle direction to guide you to wholeness and well being. I have been gently “heard” on many levels.I have visited Stephen’s clinic in Bandon regularly over the past 18 months having been diagnosed with hypertension 3 years ago. I have found it difficult to tolerate most of the medication prescribed for me by the medical profession and eventually more drugs were being added to the prescription to relieve the symptoms of the first and second prescription. Finally I had a prescription for 4 medications. I take 1 prescription medication at the moment. My family has a long history of stroke and being a belt and braces type of person I attend my GP and Consultant on a regular basis. I have seen an improvement in BP readings, while not yet reaching my very much desired 120/80. In the fullness of time I expect that I will.

The holistic approach that Stephen uses makes sense to me as I am not a hypertensive patient presenting at his clinic but a complete person with feelings, a physical body and an emotional life all of which are entwined. Stephen respects and enquires about all aspects thereby working with a total you to bring about balance.

BM Cork


I felt privileged and very grateful to have found Dr Stephen Gascoigne when I became very ill with cancer some 20 odd years ago. Conventional medicine was unable to offer me anything either positive or palatable after a long time trying and so I began my journey back to good health under Dr Gascoigne’s expertise and positive, sensitive approach to well being.His practices in Tetbury, Bath and Ireland are run in a most relaxed and professional manner and a reassuring welcome is always the first thing I encounter. Traditional Chinese Medicine and acupuncture are extremely powerful in a most gentle way and I enjoy taking responsibility for my own health under his huge wealth of knowledge which comes from both western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine in which he is fully qualified and is therefore able to offer unbiased advice.I trust him implicitly and would recommend him to anyone and everyone as indeed I do. I would not be here writing this if it had not been for this wonderful man.LM Surrey


I am sixty seven and have been attending Dr. Stephen Gascoigne’s Clinic in Bandon, County Cork for the past two and a half years and he is always there at the appointed time and he is always pleasant. He is aiming to promote general good health and a sense of wellbeing in me using Chinese Herbal Medicine. I have an appointment with him approximately every six weeks and he is certainly succeeding. I feel very well!!!Last year I developed ringworm on my left leg and using only Chinese Herbs he cured it although it took several months. He also prescribed red yeast rice plant sterols and smart fats fish oil to keep my rather high level of cholesterol down. We will have to wait until my next blood test to see if these have been beneficial. The results will also no doubt be influenced by his prescribed diet which I have only partially stuck to!!!I am very clear in my own mind that Chinese Medicine adopts a holistic approach (which Western Medicine often did in the past, and sometimes still does, but it is often neglected in modern practice as a result of the “instant fix” given as a result of the huge growth of reliable pharmaceuticals developed during the 20th Century). To feel truly well involves the mind body and spirit. As I said at the annual conference of OMEP (Ireland) in the Dublin Institute of Technology on the 24th of April, 2004 (Reported in the “Proceedings”) people have to have “something beyond”. This “something more” requires the following:A Deeper Social Reality

An Awareness of the Mythological Archetypal, or Religious dimensions, of our Situation

Some More Profound Level of Truth or Beauty.

An Attunement to a deeper Cosmic sense of Wholeness, a sense that our actions are part of some greater universal process. “Wellness” is thus related to “Happiness” and “Fulfilment”.

I strongly believe that Stephen Gascoigne understands and promotes the above. I also believe that with his training in both Western and Eastern Medicine he is able to treat his clients in a multifaceted way.

I trust him and highly recommend him.

Dr. Francis Douglas.

Professor Emeritus, University College, Cork


I first learned of Chinese medicine and acupuncture through my sister who was treated by Dr. Stephen Gascoigne when she became seriously ill and conventional medicine was not helping her.I was first treated during the menopause some twenty years ago and have continued with acupuncture and Chinese herbs since then for various conditions.

I recently developed a serious eye condition and, alongside conventional treatment, am now being treated by Dr. Gascoigne at his Tetbury clinic. The clinic has a very welcoming atmosphere and I always look forward to my appointment with Dr. Gascoigne and come home feeling so much better. His quiet professional manner cannot fail to relax you and fill you with confidence.

DP London

I have been treated by Stephen for several years and my health has gone from strength to strength. Acupuncture and herbal medicine with Stephen has also got me through some pretty major emotional issues due to events outside my control. I have recommended Stephen to several friends and will only have acupuncture with him. Stephen truly cares about me as a person and our family, and events within and around our lives.

AM Bath

I recently developed I first consulted Dr Gascoigne because I was concerned about my blood pressure, and wanted to avoid taking the rather large doses drugs that had been prescribed to control it. A combination of acupuncture and advice on diet have been very helpful, and he has enabled me to keep healthy over the years. He always explains things very clearly, which I find reassuring.

HC Cork

My family and I have been attending Dr. Stephen Gascoigne for many years at his clinic in West Cork. I have found the acupuncture treatment to be gentle and relaxing. If prescribed a herbal remedy I have always found these to be of great benefit overall. Consultations are never rushed, he listens well and offers good sound advice and direction regarding diet and relaxation when needed.

More over I have experienced Stephen to be extremely professional, kind and has a genuine interest in his patients. Stephens approach is a holistic one where not alone are symptom’s addressed but the causes are explored also.

SMJ Cork

I first attended Dr Gascoigne in 2006 after a long illness where I had infection following the removal of my spleen. I had been given very heavy doses of antibiotics over a long period and been on steroids for a year. My energy level was extremely low. When I first attended he asked if I intended returning to work, I said yes but probably not for 12 months or so. I then followed a course of acupuncture and herbs for over a year at the end of which I was transformed. Energy level was good and normal lifestyle was possible once again.
Since then I tend to avail of treatment when my energy gets low or when I feel under par. I am always feeling much better after a course of treatment. I try to build in a few sessions each year especially at change of seasons to compensate for sunshine and counteract the effects of seasons on my whole being.
I always tell people that I owe my recovery to full health to him.

ME Cork


When my partner was diagnosed with a terminal illness and Stephen was recommended to me, I decided to contact him. He had always been a sceptic of acupuncture but was willing to go to an initial consultation as he liked the idea that Stephen had also been an GP. After one treatment he totally changed his opinion as he felt such a difference in himself and I noticed a difference in his well being. Stephen’s approach, manner, expertise and knowledge make for a relaxing combination and I’m so pleased he could help make my partner’s final months easier.

Six months later when I was experiencing menorrhagia and all doctors could offer me was hormones and pills, I knew I wanted to try a holistic approach. I didn’t hesitate to contact Stephen and after 9 months of treatments with acupuncture and herbs and constant encouragement and support by email, phone and texts, I have got my cycle back to a regular 30 days and I’m very pleased with the improvement in my overall health.

RA Bath


After my second treatment from Dr Gascoigne, I found a very stiff and painful hip improved drastically. That was a good number of years ago. I suffer from pains in my joints now and again and I always find great relief from the sessions. I attend roughly every couple of months. I find the acupuncture definitely works for me.

FM Bandon, Cork

I was lucky to be able to get an urgent appointment with Stephen when suffering from pleurisy. 3 courses of antibiotics and steroids brought no relief, in fact I was getting worse. Immediately after the session I had my first decent night’s sleep and some release from the tightness in my chest. Over the course of the treatment, I felt for the first time that I was being treated as a whole person, rather than just the immediate presenting symptoms.

MM Bandon, Cork

I just wanted to tell you how much better my knee feels immediately after your treatment. I’ve been weeks in discomfort since my recent fall which flared up a permanent problem of disintergrating cartilage in my knee.
It means I’m now sleeping better without pain and getting more active and walking again in this lovely weather.

I honestly find it remarkable that the planned arthroscopy operation last year was.deemed unnecessary by the Orthopaedic Consultant at the RUH after having just a few acupuncture treatments beforehand from you. It is much appreciated and I am elated at not having to have a knee operation.

BM Bath


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